May 2016 Creative Writing Competition

The month’s competition theme, ‘On The Road’ was set by Lostinwords:

Your story could be about tramps, hitch-hikers, itinerant workers, wandering minstrels, gypsies – anyone whose home is the road. There are those who are on the road to somewhere while others are getting away. Then there are those whose job is tied to the road – drivers of buses, lorries, cabs for example. I think there’s plenty of scope here. So, jump into your automobile, turn up the music volume, fold the roof down and speed off into the unknown. As Leonard Cohen wrote:

“You try the handle of the road, it opens, do not be afraid”.

Full details and entries via the competition webpage:



7 thoughts on “May 2016 Creative Writing Competition

    1. Bleda has been in touch to suggest that we delay the closing date for May until 19th June to enable the myT writers to spend a bit of time rescuing their pages from the myT site should they need to. So June is going to end up in July, I think. I have set you up as an ‘Author’ so your comments ought to appear on the site here without my having to approve them. Could you reply to this and see if it works? Thanks, Giselle.


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