Testing blog posts – Hunting

Hi Giselle.

Just testing – I can delete it later!




Mice scamper through the fields of corn
Seeking nests before the dawn
A dangerous place to be

But wait! They stop and test the air
Noses wrinkle, whiskers stir
Their eyes agleam

Nothing moves au claire de lune
But senses must alert them soon
Soft air, drifts past a hint

Close now the cat stays still, and soft
Paws of velvet; tail aloft
Muscles tense before the kill

A screech of shock tears the night
And all the mice are poised for flight
Save one

Claws unsheathed she lashed and missed
Small mousey dear” you’re mine” she hissed
Not yet


7 thoughts on “Testing blog posts – Hunting

  1. Well that worked.

    It means we can either publish our stories directly on this site and link them to the appropriate competition or just link them from our own sites.


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