Have I arrived?

If all is going to plan you should find me here … https://bledaweb.wordpress.com/


7 thoughts on “Have I arrived?

  1. Hi Cap.

    If you visit any of our site you will see a pop-up in the bottom right hand corner. Click it to “follow” and you will receive an email letting you know when there is a new post.

    If you want to see all the sites you are following look at the banner at the top of the page on your own site or on this one, and click on READER, next to MY SITES.


  2. Good Morning bleda/atiller/Frank,

    I see you are following me! how did you do that? I don’t find the WordPress easy to use at all. But at least the sun is shining, the dogs are out topping up their tans and I’m waiting for phone calls from a plumber and electrician – could be a long day


    1. Hi Cap’n. I’m the last person to ask about WordPress. If it wasn’t for help from Araminta I would still be floundering about going around in circles. The following bit was relatively easy. Let me try to explain how I managed it.
      In the top left hand corner of your blog home page there should be a sign that says ‘Reader’.
      Clicking that opens a drop down panel and the first line is ‘Followed sites’ and ‘Manage’.
      Click manage and another box opens and you can add a site to follow by typing the URL of that site into the box and following the instructions.
      I found the URL information by going on to the tcwgshortstories blog , copying the name that you want to follow from the list down the righthand side of the page (for instance ‘atiller’), then paste that into your search engine and a dropdown box will give you that name plus WordPress etc.
      Click on that suggested site and you should be taken to the atiller blog site, then you can copy the URL from the search box in the top if the site page and paste it into the box on your ‘to follow’ page. Follow the instructions back on your site page to fix that new site and you should then be a follower. Repeat as required with other sites.
      I think that is correct so give it a try. There is probably a much easier way but at the moment I am doing everything by trial and error and that seemed to work,
      Regards, Mervyn.


  3. I’ve just left a test comment on your new site, Bleda. On all WordPress sites the default setting is usually the first comment in held in moderation. You need to approve the first comment and then one is able to comment freely thereafter.


    1. Don’t worry about the Frank Clack, that’s something else i’ve yet to sort out.
      I am obviously uber thick because I have been unable yet to find how to ‘approve’ anything. In fact, my basic site seems to be so basic that other than customising the site and posting a blog I can find no other facilities.
      I am afraid that this learning curve is going to be long and painful … I’m busy reading at the instructions sites that I can find but it ain’t easy.


      1. I don’t think you are the only one who is finding it all a bit strange in the world of WordPress! Anything unfamiliar is a bit of a challenge. MyT was much simpler in some ways at at least we didn’t have the additional complication of setting up the site.


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