The first Bleda’s Bar of the new era is OPEN.

Bleda's Bar

As our Group enters a new era it was thought appropriate that we should have our very own facilities and I am pleased to announce that we have taken out a 99 year lease on a cosy little Bar and Rest Rooms for the exclusive use of our members.

On duty  behind the bar we have Jose assisted by Elsie, and in the kitchen we have been very fortunate to acquire the services of Signore Gianni, a three star qualified chef, lately of Miss Millie’s in the High Street. Waiting on tables will be Salvadore and Molly.

A full menu will be available between 7 pm and 7.30 pm every weekday evening except for Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and every second Friday. The kitchen will be closed at weekends.

Dogs in the bar by prior arrangement.

Please leave the premises quietly, especially after 8 pm, the time when old Mrs. Wilkinson who lives in the flat above the bar retires for the night.

No singing or dancing, and definitely no spitting. Sawdust will be changed weekly, and glasses will be hygienically washed sometime during the third week in every month.

32 thoughts on “The first Bleda’s Bar of the new era is OPEN.

  1. Here is the provisional result of the May/June 2016 CW Competition.
    In first place with a runaway points total of 35 points is Seadam’s story The Pivotal Summer of Lennox L (with apologies to JP Donleavy).
    Second place goes to 969 Miles written by Giselle with a creditable score of 23 points.
    And in third place is ChesterBGoodes story Boy’s Journey with 19 points.
    Congratulations to Seadam and to our runners up, and thanks to everyone who have rallied round to make this somewhat interrupted competition a remarkable success.
    Tomorrow AmericaMum, our newly appointed Collator and Vote Counter will post a spreadsheet setting out the votes in detail.
    Goodnight everybody, and thank you for your company.

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