The first Bleda’s Bar of the new era is OPEN.

Bleda's Bar

As our Group enters a new era it was thought appropriate that we should have our very own facilities and I am pleased to announce that we have taken out a 99 year lease on a cosy little Bar and Rest Rooms for the exclusive use of our members.

On duty  behind the bar we have Jose assisted by Elsie, and in the kitchen we have been very fortunate to acquire the services of Signore Gianni, a three star qualified chef, lately of Miss Millie’s in the High Street. Waiting on tables will be Salvadore and Molly.

A full menu will be available between 7 pm and 7.30 pm every weekday evening except for Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and every second Friday. The kitchen will be closed at weekends.

Dogs in the bar by prior arrangement.

Please leave the premises quietly, especially after 8 pm, the time when old Mrs. Wilkinson who lives in the flat above the bar retires for the night.

No singing or dancing, and definitely no spitting. Sawdust will be changed weekly, and glasses will be hygienically washed sometime during the third week in every month.


32 thoughts on “The first Bleda’s Bar of the new era is OPEN.

  1. I’ve finally arrived, Bleda and I’m very thirsty.

    It was a long journey- I popped into the library first if only because it sounded like a civilised place for a drink. It was empty! So, undeterred I pushed open a door labelled TCWG Bar. Nice surroundings but again nothing much going on.

    Finally, and thanks to AmericanMum, I followed her link and here you all are!

    A very large glass of anything other than Sasparilla, Salvadore por favor.

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  2. I have done a little research on linking Discus to WordPress. It doesn’t look too complicated, but it could be a bit of trial and error to make it do what we want. I’ll add it to my summer to-do list.

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    1. Thank you and welcome Angie. As I’ve said above I am not quite sure whether this is the right place for the Bar as the comments are coming through quite slowly. For instance your comment was on my iPhone a couple of minutes before it appeared here. Never mind, at least we are all still here together.
      Now, what would you like to drink
      A Campari perhaps, or a cheeky Spumante?

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  3. Evenin, all. I have to echo Mum’s words: what lovely new surroundings (not that I could count myself a regular in the old) and what a budgetary achievement. Personally, I have to say I am very glad to note the earlier opening time, as previously I was often tucked up and snoring away before the first draught was drawn. This is VERY convenient, though I do appreciate I speak as one from the dark north.

    Sasparilla, though….far be it from me to eschew a drink on the house, but could mine be something (anything!) else?

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    1. Newcastle Brown? Or perhaps a drop of the hard stuff.
      P.S Your mention of the time begs the question … why is our clock here one hour behind my clock down here in the south? I know Northerners are supposed to be a bit slow, but one hour? :))))
      P.P.S. I’m an idiot and mixed you up with someone else … you would of course prefer something from this selection. Name your poison.

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      1. Good evening to you too! Yes, you’re quite right – almost perpetual daylight at this time of the year, so much so that I thought the better of that single malt and took the dog for a late evening stroll. Virtue is its own reward as we all know, but part of me wishes I’d hung around the new premises a bit longer.


    1. Hey! Great to see you. The first drink is on the house … we’ve drafted in some Sarsaparilla as that it what I seem to remember they always drank in the old Alfalfa Switzer films. 😉


  4. Hi everyone and welcome.
    I’m not sure how this will work out on WordPress, and it might be that future postings would be better suited to our tcwg Facebook site, but for tonight we will give it a go here.


      1. There are two. One set up by billyfoster a year or two ago and the one that Giselle set up recently when MyT closed.
        The latter site is the one that I would recommend, primarily because Giselle is more readily available to assist with any problems of access. It can be found on this link …

        Edit. Take back what I said, they both seem to be in use. This is something to sort out in due course as we only really need one. Billyfoster’s TCWG site is on this link …

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