The July 2016 CW Competition … a reminder.




Just a reminder that the July 2016 CW Competition details can be found on the link below which is where your story links should be posted …

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5 thoughts on “The July 2016 CW Competition … a reminder.

  1. Good day, Bleda. I hope this is the correct spot in which to post my suggestion for August:

    I’ve been thinking about islands and their connotations recently, not least because of Brexit. I am quite fascinated by islands, and the idea of living on one permanently (but then, I suppose I already do.)

    Island – isola – isolate…insula – insular…

    I propose for August we write a story with an island setting – be it desert, tropical, luxurious; real or imaginary; legendary or metaphorical; Channel, Canary, Balearic, Pacific, Hebridean, Caribean…stacs, reefs, atolls, archipelagos…but no cheating, please: no peninsulas.

    Suggest usual 500-3,000 words

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    1. Only just seen this post (still getting used to the site and where to find things).
      A nice topic but I take it that isthmuses (isthmi ??) are banned too. Are tombolos allowed, though? (Sorry. Showing off my A level geography!)

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      1. Good evening, Lost! Well now, I think Isthmi/uses should not qualify; always thought tombolo was some fairground thing, LOL. But, naturally, I defer to Our Leader for the final editorial decision.


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