Telegraph Creative Writers’ Group

We are an international group of creative writers. Each month we set a theme for a short story competition. The stories are posted on our blogs, in the public domain. At the end of the month everyone is free to read and vote: 5 points for their favourite, 3 points for their second choice, and 1 point for their third choice.

Voting night provides the opportunity to socialise online in the exotic (some might say esoteric) location of ‘Bleda’s Bar and Rest Rooms’ which can be found on facebook..

The winner of the monthly vote wins… the opportunity to set the theme for the month after next! No money changes hands.

After the announcement of the winning story, friendly and constructive critique on the stories is invited.

Every now and again we publish an anthology of first, second and third placed stories.

This has been running beautifully for years, kindly hosted by myTelegraph, but of late, our creative writing group pages have been obliterated by spam and the website is being terminated from 8th June 2016.

This site has been set up to provide a new home for our competition. We welcome new writers, voters and critiquers.