May – June CW competition: voting arrangements

A list of this month’s entries and the instructions for voting appear on a separate webpage: May – June 2016 Competition: where to find the stories and how to vote. Please add your votes to the ‘Leave A Reply’ section at the bottom of that page, and not as blog posts, so that everything is in one place.

If you have not previously posted on our new site, your first comment will go into moderation before being published. Do not despair, this just means we have to approve your comment. After that first one, all your comments will get published automatically.

If there are any problems you should still be able to use the ‘Contact Us’ form.

P.S. A few of our writers who did not, or were unable to, accept invitations to become site Authors, have been re-invited. This will enable them to add posts to the blog.

I’m back!

I’m back from a great if rather rainy trip to the Netherlands and Germany! Hopefully I’ll get my story finished and posted tonight. It’s a bit short on scenery at the moment,IMG_0462 as the setting is Lands End to John o’Groats, which looks nothing like the Mosel Valley!

If it is OK with everyone, I shall have a look through our new site for any stories posted in the site’s blog rather than as separate WordPress pages, and copy them to their own webpage on an archive site:

to make it easier to link to them from the voting page.

I tried to rescue some stories from myT on to the archive site before the demise of myT and managed a few – a lot of links were already broken by the time I started to do this. If their owners would like them back, or would like them deleted from the archive site then please let me know.

– Giselle

May Competition Details

The details of the May Competition ‘On the Road’ have now been updated, and can be found via this link

Please enter by posting a comment on that page including a link to your entry, which should preferably be on your own blog site.

If it’s the first time you have commented on this site, your comment will go into moderation. Once it has been approved, your subsequent comments should appear immediately.

Any problems – please contact us

Update on the May 2016 Competition

In view of the inevitable disruption that the closure of MyT has caused to our group competition arrangements it has been decided to extend the May CW competition to allow time for new arrangements to be put into place.

Instead of closing the May competition on the 31st. of May, stories will have to be posted by Midnight on Tuesday June the 21st. 2016.

The period from June 22nd to Thursday June the 30th.will then be used for reading and voting. and the next monthly competition will be the July competition.

There is much paddling going on beneath the surface at the moment and further more detailed information will follow over the coming days. Every effort is being made to keep the group together and into the future and your patience and continued support will be greatly appreciated during the transition period.

Please post your entries in the ‘Comments’ section of the competition page, including a link to your story, posted on your own blog site. If you have difficulties doing this, please contact us.