The May 2016 Creative Writing Open Competition

Details of competition, and how to enter
The topic for MAY has been set by the winner of the March 2016 competition ‘Lostinwords’  who has commented as follows …
It came to me that my choice for May will be “On The Road”.
Your story could be about tramps, hitch-hikers, itinerant workers, wandering minstrels, gypsies – anyone whose home is the road. There are those who are on the road to somewhere while others are getting away. Then there are those whose job is tied to the road – drivers of buses, lorries, cabs for example.
I think there’s plenty of scope here. So, jump into your automobile, turn up the music volume, fold the roof down and speed off into the unknown. As Leonard Cohen wrote: “You try the handle of the road, it opens, do not be afraid”.
The length of the story should be the regular “between 500 and 3000 words”, and competitors are reminded that multiple entries can be accepted, particularly of the shorter variety.
Due to the closure of MyT and the time that it will take for group members to set up their own individual WordPress Blogs, instead of closing the May competition on the 31st. of May, stories will now have to be posted by Midnight on Tuesday June the 21st. 2016.
The period from June 22nd to Thursday June the 30th.will then be used for reading and voting. and the next monthly competition will be the July competition.


Set up your stories on your personal WordPress Blog site and post a link to your story in the form of a comment below.
The “prize” for winning this May competition will be to set the topic for August 2016.
The competition is open to anyone with an interest  in short story writing.
After the competition closes there will be a vote to decide the first three places.
Just after the closing date, details of how to vote and a vote collection point will be set up here on the Competition page.
A list of  detailed rules for  the competition can be found here …

36 thoughts on “May 2016 Creative Writing Competition: On the Road

    1. Hi Seadamss.

      It is a bit of a learning curve. Your site is set on Private so no one can see it. I have emailed you instructions on how to change this setting if would like to link your story to this site. I’ve also sent to a request to be allowed to view it, as has Giselle, but I still cannot see your site.

      The other alternative if you are still struggling is to post your story here as others have done.


  1. Hello everyone. The new digs look great! Thanks, G. Here is a link to my entry. It is to a pdf on my wordpress site. If it does not work, please let me know.

    Incorrect link removed – Araminta


    1. When I attempted to go to your WordPress site, I was greeted by this message:

      https://seadamsblog.wordpress.com/ is marked private by its owner.
      You can:
      Request access to view the site. We’ll send your username to the site owner for their approval.
      Log out and sign in as different user. You’re logged in as ‘ruthnotestine’.
      Learn about privacy settings.


    1. Hi Mum, Your link works fine and your story can be found and read … at least by me.
      There will inevitably be teething problems for a while but they will iron themselves out after a month or two. As Giselle has commented above, the important thing now is to keep the show on the road and the nucleus of the group together.


      1. Mum, as you will have noticed with the above picture and name on my replies.
        You may think that you have problems … I can’t yet get rid of a dodgy avatar and some odd-ball name!
        BLEDA. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you Angie.
    We can find your story, which is what really matters, but whether the procedure is correct we will only know for sure when Giselle returns from holiday.
    Posting the story in full on the main page is not how I envisage it will work, but at the moment I don’t know enough about the way that WordPress works to give you any alternative advice.
    But don’t worry, these teething troubles will be sorted out in a month or two and all will be well.
    Also, pay no heed to Atiller stealing my picture below … that’s a little teething problem that I have yet to sort out . 🙂


    1. Thanks Angie! I’m at Senheim on the Mosel at the moment with rather limited internet access. As far as the competition goes, I’m delighted to see entries in whatever format. When I get home I might rearrange things a bit to make it easier to navigate, but please do feel free to post. My main concern at the moment is keeping the group going- and the detail can be sorted out later. Many thanks for posting! G XX

      Liked by 1 person

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