Here is the last opportunity to put the final nail in Rasputin’s coffin. If you have any thoughts or comments on February’s stories, below is the  place to post them in the form of a comment.


9 thoughts on “February 2017 review time.

  1. Rasputin was a rather disturbing character and that period of history was very dark, the star of a lot of misery all over Europe, not only in Russia. Apparently the Tsar said that 1916 was a horrible year and that 1917 was bound to be better.
    It was enjoyable to do the research for the story but it also got in my head, the horror of it all and cast a cloud over my sunny days.
    thank you for your interesting comments.

    Here are my brief thoughts on the February stories

    The Little Man by Capucin
    A very appropriate story for the topic given the research most of us probably had to do. you raised many relevant and thought-provoking questiona and it was an enjoyable read.

    St .Cuthberts Care Home for Retired Clergy by Araminta
    As always a well constructed and interesting story that kept the readers’ attention, a good read and an interesting take on the subject, great story.

    Vera by Dantheman
    This story could easily have been a play as it all takes place in one room. I liked the way there was so much complicity between the couple and Vera was totally believable. A lot of food for thought in the dialogues and an affectionate atmosphere pervaded throughout the story.

    Inspector Hector and the You Bro by Lostinwords
    A very clever story linking the past and present, gripping and interesting tale, a very good story.

    The Downfall of Nits Upar by Fizzeerascal
    Witty and engaging as always, it’s always a pleasure to read your stories Fizz.

    The Death of a Rambler by Americanmum
    A winner of a story written in impeccable form. If I hadn’t done the research for the story I’m ashamed to say I wouldn’t have cottoned on to a lot of the hidden meanings and significance of such acts as putting sugar in the petrol. As I had I found it very clever and enjoyable, a well deserved winner.

    Rasputin’s Dream by Furry features
    This was such a sweet story and made me smile and it was very moving, lovely writing and a very endearing twist on the Rasputin theme.

    At Tchesma by Seadams
    A well deserved winner and quite brilliant. you had me transported into the past and it was all very believable and atmospheric. You could easily consider writing historic dramas.


    1. I forgot one
      Detainee Raz-One by Atilier
      Fine, entertaining writing style with lots of good characterization and dialogue, your stories and way of writing are always a pleasure and fun to read. a bit of light-hearted relief from what was such an uneasy and frightening time.


      1. Thank you for your kind words Angie.
        The story took a long time to get off the ground, and when it did it fell into the same old style that most of my efforts seem to take.
        Though it was a difficult subject, I can’t say that I found the Rasputin era particularly frightening, and the machinations that apparently went on back then are not much different to what is still going on today in far too many parts of the world.
        Regrettably, ‘man’ is still the most destructive animal on the planet, and probably always will be,

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    2. Hi Angie, thank you for taking the time to review all of the stories from February – they are a real pleasure to read :-). There was not a lot of depth to Nit Upsar in more ways than one! I was wary of not wishing to offend anyone with my portrayal of a scandalous man of the cloth – however, wanted to pick out the hedonistic and womanising ways of Rasputin 🙂
      Fizz x

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  2. Cap’n, I agree that it was difficult to write properly on this topic without at least some reference to the man himself (or at least his characteristics), and a lot of balls of paper were littering the floor around ‘his’ bed-space before he finally got going.
    But on the other hand, I knocked my bit of nonsense off in about thirty minutes and more than doubled his miserable tally of points, so there!. 🙂 🙂 🙂
    Your suggestion that a topic of say ‘a womaniser or murderer’ would be better, also has a lot of merit.
    But again, although (as with many things and about many subjects) I had a rough idea of what or who Rasputin was, it did force me to do some research that was both interesting and rewarding, and that was no bad thing.
    And if, in your final comment, you are making the suggestion that old Ras’ might be still working his mystic magic from where-ever he now is, does that not apply to many famous or infamous characters from the past?
    I, along with many others, have had a life-long fascination with Jack the Ripper for instance, or Brunel, or Churchill. Others have a fascination for fictional characters such as Sherlock Holmes, or Smiley, or even James Bond.
    I think that it is all about character and what made them what they were.
    Why did Hitler turn out as he did, or Osama bin Laden.
    Rarely does one find any real reason why their lives worked out as they did … it is if they were destined to set out on the course that they took.
    Well was it, or did it just happen? Are we not masters (or mistresses) of our own fate?
    Which then leads us on to what guides any one of us in the path that we take.
    Are our lives in some way pre-ordained? And if so, by whom?
    When I left school I rather fancied being a bus conductor(the thought of watching people leading their everyday lives fascinated me), whilst my father wanted me to be an artist (as in painting Pub Signs etc., but in reality he meant working for oneself rather than for others). But with hindsight I can now see that I was always going to be an engineer, though not necessarily a businessman.
    Why an engineer, you might ask.
    I dunno, it all sort of happened! 🙂

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  3. Congratulations to seadams for winning by a mile and to everyone else who managed a story. Can I just make the following observation and it is an observation, not a criticism. I have never know a month with so many comments about how difficult this topic was even by dantheman who set the theme. A couple of years ago we were set a theme which had to include a particular song title in the story. I found that difficult to do and keep within the context of the story I was writing – it seemed an almost artificial intrusion into the tale.

    Similarly, I wonder if, when set a theme based upon a person and although told to look at the characteristics of the person and write about them in an unrelated tale, it is in fact very difficult to do, very restricting and I suggest an analysis of the February story themes would bare this out. Better to say write a story about a womaniser or murderer because I found that once Rasputin the man, got into my head and I had to research him, I couldn’t rid myself of him.

    I wonder is any one else had a similar problem?

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