treasures 1All tcwg site members (and any other interested parties) are invited to read and enjoy the stories entered in the March 2019 creative writing competition.
If, having read all the stories, you would like to register your vote for the winner and placings please follow the voting instructions set out below. This is not obligatory, but if you choose to join in, your participation will be very much appreciated.

The deadline for entries into the March 2019 Creative Writing Competition passed at Midnight on the 31st. of March 2019.
The topic for March was set by the winner of the January 2019 competition, Capucin, and was …  ‘TREASURES’.

This was interpreted as follows …
“Your stories should revolve around anything that can be reasonably described as a treasure whether it has an intrinsic value of itself, or something that has become a treasure because it is valued by the world as a whole, such as say The Pyramids, The Taj Mahal, or The Grand Canyon.
Or it might be a National treasure valued by many, or even something that is valued by a single person because of its sentimental value to them as an individual and  special to them alone.
And I am sure that we all know what the word ‘treasure’ meant to Long John Silver! “

9 stories were entered and accepted for inclusion. *
* In view of the small number of stories entered I have taken the liberty of splitting ExpatAngie’s double-header into two separate stories. They appear consecutively on the same link.

As in previous months, when recording votes it will help if voters will make sure to quote the name of the story when posting.
Voting can now commence and will continue until 11 p.m. on  Monday the 8th. of April 2019.
There are no restrictions as to who is allowed to vote, all that is asked is that the voter reads all the stories and votes according to their preference. A brief reason for the choice is welcome but not mandatory.
The voting will be for the first three stories … 5 points for first place, 3 points for second place. and 1 point for third place, and please do not submit any point combinations other than 5. 3. and 1.
Votes should be registered in the reply box below.
Writers are requested not to vote for any of their own entries, and all voters are asked not to comment at length about the stories, or record any thoughts that you may have on them, until after voting closes.
There will be no detailed summaries posted as to how the voting is progressing throughout the voting period but as soon as possible after voting closes a tabulated list of results will be posted separately and the winner declared. Voters who would like to describe in detail the reasons for their choices, or comment at length about some or all of the individual stories, will be given the opportunity to comment on a separate page that will be set up at the end of the voting period and after the result has been posted.

Here are the links to all the stories. (If I have inadvertently missed any entries, or if anyone has difficulty with the links, please advise).

STRANGE BOUTIQUE. Written by BillyFoster.


BURIED TREASURE. Written by Colmore.


JESS AND TOBY. Written by Capucin.


MISSING HOURS. Written by Giselle.


THE COURIER. Written by AmericanMum.


THE MAGIC COIN. Written by ExpatAngie.


HIDDEN TREASURE. Written by ExpatAngie.


THE SPACE RESERVED. Written by Seadams.


OUT OF HIS TIME. Written by Atiller.


Pleasant reading everyone, and please don’t forget to vote.

39 thoughts on “It’s time to vote for the winner of the March 2019 tcwg competition. Find all voting details here.

  1. from Pavlovaqueen:

    I have tried several times to get on the writing site…..but now it says I don’t own the account and I can’t sign in! Can I just ask you to give my votes, I feel terrible that I have not been on for so long. Deadline is tonight and I can’t get my computer man before that – at least I can now find the site!!
    5 points Billy Foster, Esq – Strange Boutique
    3 points American Mum – The Courier
    1 pt Giselle – Missing Hours

    Liked by 1 person

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