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The topic for May 2020 has been set by the winner of the January 2020 competition, BillyFoster, and has been selected from David’s List of Suggested Topics.
It is BRAVERY. And I am sure that it will come as a relief to you all that little explanation will be necessary for such a wide ranging subject. 🙂

The length of entries in May will be “between 500 and 3000 words” and competitors are reminded that multiple entries can be accepted, particularly of the shorter variety.
The closing date for entries will be at Midnight on Sunday the 31st of May 2020.
The period for receiving votes will be announced on or around the 28th of May and votes will not be accepted until after the competition officially closes.
The “prize” for winning this May competition will be to set the topic for July 2020.
Voting. After the competition closes there will be a vote to decide the first three places and just after the closing date, details of how to vote, and a vote collection point will be set up here in this competition section.
How to enter. Post your story on your personal WordPress blogs and post a link to your story in the form of a comment below (“Leave a reply” panel.)

For those unfamiliar with the workings of the monthly competition a list of detailed rules for the competition can be found here …https://tcwgshortstories.wordpress.com/competition-rules/

Pleasant writing everyone, and good luck.

21 thoughts on “Entry details for the May 2020 tcwg Competition. How to enter etc.

    1. I sympathise, Atiller, I typed my story into WordPress and when I hit “Preview” to go over it for mistakes, it cut the story right in half! Of course, as always with me, I was up against the deadline and missed it by fourteen minutes. Rules are rules and WordPress has a mind of its own, so I’ll save the story for another time. But I do have a question…is WordPress the only site we can use, is there a better, more reliable one? And, if there’s a “Save” button, where is it? I’ve been letting WordPress do the saving for me, but it seems the original, full length story was not saved for redeeming, the chopped in half one was.
      Glad to see many entries again this month. Lots of good reading ahead!
      Say hi to Captain Bleda for me…😊

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      1. It is possible to use Google Docs which automatically saves everything. You then can use the “share” option and share with “everyone who has the link.” Google will then generate a link for you.

        I write all my stories in Google Docs and then paste them into WordPress.

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      2. Hi Sage,

        Sorry to hear about your WordPress woes.

        It’s best to write the story in a word processing package of your choice: Google Docs, Microsoft Word, Apple Pages etc. Then save it on your own computer. Personally I use Scrivener, which autosaves and backs up automatically.

        When it’s done, copy and paste it into WordPress. You could do this as a blog entry but I find it works best to make a new page for each story. The save button in WordPress is the one that says ‘Update’.

        An alternative way of sharing a file is to use Google Docs or else Dropbox. You can create a weblink that enables others to view the file using their internet browser and post the weblink on the TCWG page. This will probably work best if you save it as a pdf .

        I use Dropbox a lot as it enables me to keep all my files synchronised and backed up between my desktop, laptop and mobile devices. If I were to get a new computer I would be able to load all my work on to it by synchronising it with my Dropbox account. There are other cloud storage providers around e.g. iCloud etc.

        Here’s an example of how a Dropbox weblink would work:


        I’ll look forward to reading your story in due course!



      3. This is as much a test in advance of a later post as it is a reply, But Hi Sage!

        And this is an additional test following the one above.
        The original ‘test’ was more in hope than anticipation, but it indicates just how chaotic WordPress seems to be right now for it was posted with the minimum of difficulty (but a maximum of ‘wish me luck and hope for the best).
        It is reassuring to read that I am not alone in having difficulties, but at the same time it is something that we could well do without despite WordPress having been around for so long.
        Perhaps that is the real problem … it’s been around for too long and has entered the ‘tinkering’ stage instead of being dispatched to the scrap-heap and completely replaced by something simpler and more user friendly.


        1. Bleda, we all have our own problems with WordPress , but I think that for our purposes it is over complicated in some respects. We are using free sites so they are only one of the reasons why WordPress exists.

          At the other end of the spectrum companies use them to design sites which are used for commercial purposes and people pay money for the privilege. These are much more complex and functional which means more complications for us.

          We all use it in differing ways to achieve one rather simple objective. Enable members of the group to read each others stories every month, and vote thereon. There are simpler ways of doing it. We could use one site to do this theoretically which would simplify matters considerably. There are valid objections to this which we have discussed.

          Perhaps this could be revisited on a page dedicated to this purpose if we want to discuss alternatives.


          1. Why not simply have a circulation list. We all email our stories to Bleda a nominated organise for that month (could be the previous months winner) and he collects all the entries and emails them to every group member for scoring. The scoring could be done as now.
            Also, that would allow all stories to be anonymous while the scoring took place.(except for where detective mice are mentioned)
            Just an idea.


              1. It is the way that most people work, Ara. I can’t see why it would drive anyone insane.
                Certainly the current system seems to be causing many problems every month.


  1. Apologies all but I have no entry this month. I got two-thirds through a story but ran out of inspiration for the final bit and the last few days have been so hot here I’ve felt washed out.
    I also find lock-down coupled with retirement a very strange combination which I’ve not adjusted to very well and I’ve found inspiration quite difficult. But I’m starting a new part-time job tomorrow as Clerk to the Trustees of a well-known local charity which will start to get me out and about a bit more – in a socially distanced manner, of course.

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    1. Hi Colmore,
      Nice to hear from you.
      I hope you enjoy your charity work and maybe it will provide you with some inspiration. Otherwise, I have found on occasion that an incomplete story from one month can be rescued using a subsequent month’s topic.
      Take care,
      G X

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      1. Giselle,
        Thanks for this. I agree with your sentiment – where that’s how last month’s story materialised under some pressure….!


  2. Taking this months topic to heart when I found a couple of mistakes after I had posted the story which needed editing, and being completely unable to get rid of what WP call their ‘Block Editor,’ I took the plunge and actually realised what it did! Not complicated but is this an Omen, good or bad for next month?

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    1. Hi David, I haven’t tried the “Block Editor”, I avoid WordPress “improvements” but I think we may all have to put up with it soon. I remember something about June for roll out but I can’t find any information at the moment. I think it caused Bleda some problems until he managed to disable it.

      PS. I corrected your typo and removed your correction comment.

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