darkness in light

A FREE TO ENTER JULY 2019 WRITING COMPETITION OPEN TO ALL TCWG GROUP MEMBERS. Newcomers are welcome, and to apply for membership please contact our Facebook Blog on this link … https://www.facebook.com/36shortstories/

The topic for July 2019 has been set by the winner of our May competition, Giselle, who has chosen as her subject … ‘A Light in the Darkness’ or alternatively ‘A Darkness in the Light’.

Giselle writes as follows.
‘Earlier this year I did suggest a topic but as it happened it wasn’t my turn. The topic was ‘A light in the darkness.’ I think that was in January and we are now the other side of the summer solstice so ‘A darkness in the light ‘ would be equally acceptable!’

The length of entries in JULY will bebetween 500 and 3000 words” and competitors are reminded that multiple entries can be accepted, particularly of the shorter variety.
The closing date for entries will be at Midnight on Wednesday the 31st. of July 2019, and the period for receiving votes will be announced on or around the 30th. of July.
Votes will not be accepted until after the competition officially closes and the “prize” for winning this July competition will be to set the topic for September 2019.
Voting. After the competition closes there will be a vote to decide the first three places and just after the closing date, details of how to vote, and a vote collection point will be set up here in this competition section.

How to enter. Post your story on your personal WordPress blogs and post a link to your story in the form of a comment below (“Leave a reply” panel.)

For those unfamiliar with the workings of the monthly competition a list of detailed rules for the competition can be found here …https://tcwgshortstories.wordpress.com/competition-rules/

Pleasant writing everyone.

7 thoughts on “Entry details for the July 2019 tcwg Short Story competition.

  1. A couple of days ago there was about as much chance of finding the time to write a story this month as there is of anyone making much sense of this entry.
    But it rained on Monday, and after.finishing off a bit of paperwork I had a couple of hours spare, and this entry found it’s way onto my laptop.
    I’m not quite sure where it came from, but after the first paragraph it kind of wrote itself. And if nothing else, it makes the numbers up. 🙂
    But July really has been one of those months best forgotten … all long overdue renovations and itinerant tradesmen trampling all around the place.
    Make of it what you will … https://atiller16.wordpress.com/let-there-be-light/

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  2. **********************

    Please note that the topic as originally posted has been broadened to allow alternative interpretations of the juxtaposition between darkness and light.
    Or, more simply, please check the alteration that has been made to the topic.


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