DSCF4261The company of Authors and the chance of a glass of absinthe…as the water drips slowly through the sugar you can leave your comments below…or you can partake of any other refreshment you choose…

pickled eggspork scratchings

And these are for Fizz, when she arrives…



29 thoughts on “TCWG Bar

  1. ** On reflection, that could make for a topic in a future month … “Write 500 to 750 words in the form of a letter of explanation as to why it was not possible to submit an entry for the current month”.

    I only recently picked up on the above — it’s actually a good idea! The changes I would like to see made are it being a letter set at the author’s choice of time and correspondents and referring to the author’s own entry preference — but must include an explanation as to why it was not possible to submit an entry for the current month.


    1. I have been thinking on this Giselle and will get around to doing something soon.

      In the meantime is it possible to choose how the comments are viewed e.g. latest first?


    1. Having read your previous comment on authors Giselle I’m Ok with how things are. I will do an article on WordPress HTML post a link to it and leave the administrators to decide where it should reside.


  2. I think that I am a registered ‘Author’ on this site — certainly my name and avatar is listed — but how do I create a dedicated page here as most others have done (as indicated by a direct link)?


  3. Hi Peter,
    At the moment, all the group are ‘Authors’ except Bleda and Araminta who are ‘Editors’ and I’m an Administrator.


    The link above gives the details of what is enabled by the different roles. As an Author you should be able to edit and publish your own posts, but I’m not sure about altering them afterwards.
    I think that for the future stories will be held on the writer’s individual website with a link posted either within a short blog post, or in the Comments section on the competition webpage. This then gives the writers control over their own content.

    A post on the mysteries of HTML would be great, many thanks for the offer!



  4. I recently entered a piece for the June CWG which I thought that I would be able to edit when it was posted on this site — not so — on thinking about it this bar on individual editing is the correct approach.

    However, it did establish that the site (possibly) allows complete HTML entires to be made in a reply (something that was limited to certain HTML features on MyT).

    If you already have a WP site of your own, creating and posting HTML is (relatively) easy. If there is interest in this I can compose a post on how I do it.


  5. No quick answer to this one Frank, but the first thing to establish is whether or not you have set up a site on wordpress.com or on wordpress.org — they allow different things.
    You could start here: http://www.wpbeginner.com/guides/ but I don’t know which version of WP it’s referring to.
    In the meantime: I went to a wedding a couple of weekends and discovered that I had forgotten how to knot a tie. Will that get me barred!


  6. Excellent though this all is, things are moving a little too swiftly for this old dog.
    Will there be pickled eggs and pork scratchings?
    On the wider subject of WordPress, although I have set up a Blog of sorts and downloaded my archive from MyT, it runs all down the first page item after item.
    Looking at this very organised tcwg blog it is obvious that I haven’t yet scratched the surface of what is possible.
    Can anyone suggest where I might find the best ‘WordPress for Idiots’ web site?


    1. If you go to our Home Page (accessible via the Menu Button) and look at the bottom right you will see ‘Blogroll’ which consists of links to various WordPress advice, guidance and thingies.


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