the dinner date

Time for your reviews folks!
Was your May dinner date a wow, or did you find a fly in your soup?
Please post your thoughts below.

6 thoughts on “How did you enjoy your culinary tcwg experience in May, and did you leave a tip?

  1. Every month I jot down a few comments about the stories as I read them, planning to enlarge and write some sort of review. I also like to tell my husband the plots of each story before I vote, he has a much more logical and analytical mind than me and his comments are always worthwhile. There is always more to a story than the plot though and the style of writing and description are so important, but for him that’s by the bay so just for a bit of fun here are my husband’s comments on the plots

    The Little Bay by Billy Foster
    Rather complicated and a bit far fetched (He’s very romantic and wouldn’t like to think anyone has such ideas in their heads.

    A Five Course Lunch by Giselle, surely the fact that he had been drugged would make arresting him illegal, I don’t know about that but it was great writing.

    Starting from Scratch by expat Angie, a retelling of the same old story and obviously written by me

    Birthday Dinner by Americanmum Yes he liked this very much and I think that we might copy this idea for a birthday one day.

    An Old Fashioned Moral Tale by expat Angie
    You can tell that this might just be a little autobiographical ..

    the Bistros by Capucin
    Sounds a bit like an extract from a John Le Carrè novel

    Of Love and Honour by Araminta
    He liked this as he really likes anything to do with Camelot

    Fortieth Anniversary by Seadams
    This plot made him feel uneasy, he wouldn’t like that at all.

    Separate Tables by Atilier
    His idea of a nightmare

    Rendezvous at Luigi’s Linguine by Sage faber
    Too tragic to even contemplate

    Of course I didn’t get across all your lovely turns of phrase and witty lively writing, so comments are about plot alone. He also rarely reads fiction.

    For my part I cannot say enough how much I enjoy being part of this group, how I look forward to reading your stories and enjoy them all and find the voting part agony.

    Have a lovely summer everyone and good luck with Art’s a Tart,

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    1. Thank you for your interest and for relaying Mario’s thoughts on the stories.
      On balance I have to agree with his ‘Separate tables’ verdict . If life has taught me anything it is that it is rarely a pleasurable experience to go back over old ground.
      I have lost count of the times when I have given in to the temptation to return to a place that holds a special memory, only to find that the passing of the years has swept away all that was treasured leaving nothing but a sadness for what had been lost. And that is only in the case of places.
      What it must be like to attempt to recapture even the slightest hint of what was once an intimate relationship doesn’t bear thinking about, particularly after the individuals concerned have made their own separate lives with other partners.
      However tempting it might seem to be, and however difficult it is to resist that temptation, I would always advise ‘never go back’.
      The older one gets the more precious memories become, they should be cosseted and treasured and never ever offered up as a hostage to fortune.

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      1. That is a beautiful comment Bleda, as always you write with such depth of feeling.
        ‘They’ say that you should never go back to somewhere you were very happy or very sad.
        I have got two friends who met at a wedding 50 years ago, briefly dated, married other people, one moved to USA , now both widowed and in their seventies they have married each other and seem to be having the times of their lives.
        Relationships are a big mystery and your story was great!


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