The race is over and the winner declared … now is the time to reflect and review.
If you have any observations to make regarding the January 2028 tcwg competition, or if you simply want to review any or all of the competing stories, please post your comment here below.

4 thoughts on “It’s time for your January 2018 reviews.

  1. Hello everyone, strangely quiet here….I thought I would make a start – its now or never, though I hope to be back tomorrow for the rest.

    Seadams – Love Charm

    This story is gravely beautiful. Such fine feeling and use of language – inappropriate/outbound/inbound, such Scottish words. It is a story which would easily win an international competition amongst top writers because of it’s understated, understood scope. It is seldom we read a story of beauty, with which reality combines so poetically. I salute you Seadams, nothing has touched me so deeply for so long.

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    1. What a lovely comment Pav,I agree with you that Seadams story is worthy of winning a competition and it always feels such a privilege to read all the stories every month.
      Love Charm was a well deserved winner


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