darkness in light

For those itching for the opportunity to throw some light into the dark corners of the part of their brain reserved for the appreciation (or otherwise) of all things literary, you have come to the right place.

Or in more down to earth language … If you have any comments to make abut the entries in the July competition, please post them here.

12 thoughts on “The July 2019 tcwg. It’s time for your reviews.

  1. List of Topics so Far

    List of ‘Off the Shelf’ Topics as discussed in July Perhaps when one of these is picked by a winner then the topic should be expanded as per the winners thoughts?
    Please feel free to add and I’ll update the list
    A Anguish
    A Artistry
    B Bravery
    C Cowardice
    D Democracy as in Parliament (sorry about that)
    E Education
    F Friendship
    G Gold
    G Greed
    G Garbage
    Q Quarry as in hunting
    Q As in quarrying
    T Tension
    X Xenophobia
    Z Zoological

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  2. As someone who has struggled to come up with topics that are clever and haven’t been used (stone picnic table…really?) I would welcome this new plan. I think David left off with D, so I’ll throw out education for E, friendship for F, and gold or garbage for G (whichever the Bleda thinks is most inspiring). Next…

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    1. Hi Ruth,
      I don’t much care what Bleda thinks of garbage as a topic, I think that it has unlimited possibilities.
      Picture the recently exposed naked and finger-less arm sticking out from the dump, the hastily arranged police tape fluttering and flapping in the wind whilst a flight of whirling seagulls hover above in the updraft, screeching to high heaven..
      “D’you think it’s murder, Inspector?” whispered Muldoon.
      “Well, he sure as hell isn’t flagging down a yellow cab”, replied Halloran tersely. 🙂 🙂

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  3. If we are to go with this 26 topic idea, can I offer ‘Q’ for Quarry as in an occurrence in and around a quarrying site (1), or the object of a hunt (2), and ‘Z’ for Zoo for stories that take place in or around a Zoological Garden.

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  4. Setting aside for one moment the horror of having to stick a pin in any animal (much less a donkey, who would probably respond with a a swift kick to the nether region), a back-up selection of topics is a good suggestion and I for one would be happy to give it a go.
    What about starting with a list of 26 (which would diminish by one every month until each and every topic had been used in turn),
    Why 26?
    To cover all the letters in the alphabet … and to make that easier for everyone I will start the ball rolling with ‘X’ for Xenophobia.
    Other suggestions in a post please … no more than three separate letters per person to start off, first come first served.
    The above is just a suggestion from the top of my pointed head and any other suggestions will be considered.
    But I think that Cap’n’s idea to set up a ‘bank’ of topics in some form or another is a good idea.

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    1. Right, having looked up what Xenophobia actually means my suggestions for possible subjects are B for ‘Bravery’ which I think covers a very wide range of possibilities and being logical my second suggestion is C for ‘Cowardice,’ A third perhaps something along the lines of, ‘A Day to Remember or Night.’ Can I add, my suggestion is not looking to ‘dumb down,’ the topics but rather to make it easier for potential new members to join in if the months subject offers scope for a wide interpretation. Another factor which I feel is important is the variation in the monthly word count, which I find challenging and positive. 500 words instead of 3000 makes one really think.

      Finally bleda I should have been more sensitive about the donkey bearing in mind your affinity with horses. perhaps a list of recalcitrant politicians instead? My apologies.

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    2. The first time I heard the word ‘xenophobia ‘ I was about 14 and the teacher said Henry the eighth had xenophobia and I thought it was like gout.
      It’s a great idea and I support anything that can be done to encourage entries

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  5. Bleda echoed my thoughts that the topic was a topic too far, making writing difficult and perhaps from my point of view, removing the element of enjoyment which I feel should be integral to amateurs such as ourselves. Such difficult topics may perhaps inhibit any potential new writers to the group. I wonder if these difficult subjects and there have been a few lately, arise when winners have to come up with a subject at very short notice due to overlooking time passing by? Perhaps a standby list of subjects, put together by all of us might solve this problem? Bleda could stick the proverbial pin on the donkey to get the subject. I know from experience of winning that coming up with the subject is not always easy, therefore such a list might resolve that problem as well. Finally, well done to everyone in July, it really was a brain teaser.

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      1. Rather late in to this – but pick a topic starting with A, B, C or whatever……?
        Also following my massage on the FB site any takers for a get-together at Sabina’s. Apart from Angie we’re lacking positives…
        Understand those who can’t because of mobility problems.


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