a day in the life


THIS IS A FREE TO ENTER WRITING COMPETITION OPEN TO ALL GROUP MEMBERS. Newcomers are welcome, and to apply for membership please contact our Facebook Blog on this link … https://www.facebook.com/36shortstories/

 The topic for  July/August 2018  has been set by the winner of the May 2018 competition, Seadams, who has suggested  ‘A DAY IN THE LIFE’.
This I have interpreted in the widest possible way as follows …
“A story that follows the life of someone or some thing over the period of one day.
A day that could be either remarkable or simply boring ( and good luck with the latter). 😂
Seadams would particularly welcome stories of an inanimate object (for instance the passage of an objet d’art through an auction room or through the hands of a burglar or fence), or any other interpretation that could properly be considered as a story pertaining to a person, an animal, a being, or an inanimate object during any 24 hour period.”


The length of entries in June will be the regular “between 500 and 3000 words”.
And of particular interest to those with limited time at their disposal, competitors are reminded that multiple entries can be accepted, especially of the shorter variety.
The closing date for entries will be at Midnight on Friday the 31st of August 2018.
Voting. After the competition closes there will be a vote to decide the first three places and just after the closing date a vote collection point will be set up. Votes will not be accepted until after the competition officially closes.
The “prize” for winning this July/August competition will be to set the topic for October 2018 when I am suggesting that we will have a shorter Short Story month with the word limit set at 250 to 500 words.

How to enter. Post your story on your personal WordPress blogs and post a link to your story in the form of a comment below (“Leave a reply” panel.)
For those unfamiliar with the workings of the monthly competition a list of detailed rules for the competition can be found here …https://tcwgshortstories.wordpress.com/competition-rules/

Pleasant writing everyone, and good luck.


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