A FREE TO ENTER WRITING COMPETITION OPEN TO ALL TCWG GROUP MEMBERS. (Newcomers are always welcomed, and to apply for membership please contact our Facebook Blog on this link … )

There is no set topic for September 2019 topic for July 2019, any subject under the sun is acceptable as long as it doesn’t frighten the horses. 🙂

fright horse

HOWEVER! Your entry should be between 500 and 3000 words , and competitors are encouraged to consider writing multiple entries, particularly of the shorter variety.
The closing date for entries will be at Midnight on Monday the 30th. of September 2019, and the period for receiving votes will be announced on or around the 29th. 
Votes will not be accepted until after the competition officially closes, and the “prize” for winning this September competition will be awarded at a specially arranged ceremony on the 100th. Anniversary of the TCWGroup on or around the third Sunday in May 2105 (Subject to confirmation).

Voting. After the competition closes there will be a vote to decide the first three places and just after the closing date, details of how to vote, and a vote collection point will be set up here in this competition section.

How to enter. Post your story on your personal WordPress blogs and post a link to your story in the form of a comment below (“Leave a reply” panel.)

For those unfamiliar with the workings of the monthly competition a list of detailed rules for the competition can be found here …

Pleasant writing everyone.

9 thoughts on “The September 2019 tcwg Short Story Competition. Find entry details here …

  1. Unusually, I have been asked by a new member to post a story on his behalf.
    I am unable to take any responsibility for the grammar, spelling, and certainly not for the content.
    It is also possible that Bleda might choose not to accept it, but that remains to be seen.
    For myself I think that it should be included if only to make up the numbers, After all, you don’t have to vote for it if you don’t want to.
    It is called ‘And it was Some Topic’ and was written by a chap called ‘Algy Musth’ (which, between you and me I happen to know is one of the pseudonyms used by Algernon Fortesque, the Fifteenth Duke of Mudchester), 🙂

    You should be able to find it here …


  2. I’m afraid I’ve failed this month. Had an idea but had what I suspect is dose of flu after a flu jab last week – I was “upgraded” to the heavier over 65 dose as my birthday falls in early December. Feeling rough over the weekend and spent most of today in bed asleep


  3. Hello everybody, as September is a free topic, here are three stories that I wrote some time ago:

    “Towards the edge” (
    “Fairy tale endings and new beginnings” (
    “Changes at The Walnut Tree” (

    Looking forward to reading your stories.

    Liked by 1 person

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