arts a tart 44

Whether the story was about Art, Tarts, or in one case pretty well nothing, now is the time to post your thoughts on any or all of the stories.
The cleaver may be used in whichever way you choose. You could slash the canvas, use the flat side to smooth out the odd crease, or if your target is the Tart you could decide simply to administer a playful pat on a soggy bottom.
Whatever your preference, kindly post your thoughts below.

8 thoughts on “Time to take a cleaver to ‘Art’s a Tart’.

  1. Sorry but I won’t be able to do a critique this month as I’ve been preoccupied with other things.
    In particular, I’ve decided to retire from full-time work this Christmas when I’m just past 65, not least because going back to work in a private practice job is not what I’ve spent most of my life doing and – off the record – I’m tired of Cheltenham/Gloucestershire business people who are more narrow minded and self-important than I’ve been used to in business. Two traits I hate more than most.
    So I shall be spending time looking for some part time jobs from January – or even moving to the West Country maybe – which means I may be a bit restricted in story writing.
    Or move to France…..

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  2. I will not pretend to be any good at writing critiques, even though I occasionally try on the privacy of my lone keyboard. What I want to say somehow becomes forgotten between brain and fingertips. So this month is no exception, a general comment rather than individual critiques of each story. Firstly, to Seadams, what a topic! A real mind stretcher made possibly worse by the word limit. However, looking back over the months there have been some really opportunities for us all to stretch our imaginations and Giselle’s subject for this month is certainly no exception! But back to June. When I read Attillers story I wondered if he had somehow accessed my thoughts, he so accurately summed up my frustrations! And as for Charles, well, a risky risqué story with a punchline worthy of Ken Dodd and Tommy Cooper rolled into one and as for billy fosters gory tart, well, enough said! But the ladies came out tops again and there must be a punchline in there concerning ladies winning competitions writing about tarts, might be as well that it evades me completely at the moment. So well done everyone, picking winners month after month with such a paucity of points becomes increasingly difficult which is perhaps a very positive indication of the health of this lovely group.

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      1. I feel the same- sometimes I could do with a proof reader before I hit the “Post Comment” button. Even more irritating is that WordPress will not let you edit the comment unless it’s your post or you are an administrator.

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    1. Good to read your thoughts on this topic, Cap. I agree it was certainly thought provoking and a bit of a challenge. Likewise allocating points! I found myself trying to decide which of BillyFoster’s stories was my favourite, never mind the rest of the excellent entries.

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    2. Actually Bleda narrowed my topic suggestion for July, because what I wrote to him was:

      ‘Earlier this year I did suggest a topic but as it happened it wasn’t my turn. The topic was ‘A light in the darkness.’ I think that was in January and we are now the other side of the summer solstice so ‘A darkness in the light ‘ would be equally acceptable!
      I hope that will give enough scope for everyone.’

      G X

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      1. Sorry Giselle, I should have read your comment more diligently.
        I also should have double-checked when I was having some difficulty in finding a suitable image to head the announcement.
        It would have been a lot simpler to illustrate a light in the darkness rather than the other way around, and I always thought that the contrast between the blackness of the cave in the background against the light from above was a rather tenuous link to the topic…. but I couldn’t find anything else.
        And Atiller is ecstatic that I have now altered the July announcement to meet your wishes. After his problems with last month’s topic I could see by his miserable face that he was already getting into a panic over July. 🙂 🙂

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    3. Thank you very much for this lovely warm hearted and witty comment David.
      It certainly was a good topic and the stories were all enjoyable.


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