darkness in light

All tcwg site members (and any other interested parties) are invited to read and enjoy the stories entered in the JULY 2019 creative writing competition.
If, having read all the stories, you would like to register your vote for the winner please follow the voting instructions set out below. This is not obligatory, but if you choose to join in, your participation will be very much appreciated.
The deadline for entries into the JULY 2019 Creative Writing Competition passed at Midnight on the 31st. of JULY 2019.
The topic for JULY 2019 was set by the winner of the May 2019 competition, Giselle, and was ‘‘A Light in the Darkness’ or alternatively ‘A Darkness in the Light’.

Giselle wrote as follows.
‘Earlier this year I did suggest as a topic ‘A light in the darkness.’ Equally acceptable would be ‘A darkness in the light ‘.

As there was a slightly disappointing reduction in the number of entries in July (though perfectly excusable due to the holiday time of the year and the wonderful weather that most of the UK has been experiencing), it is suggested that only the winner will be formally recognised this month, although the usual marking procedure will apply i.e. 5 points for first place, 3 points for second place. and 1 point for third place.
Please do not submit any point combinations other than 5/3 and 1, and register your votes in the reply box below.
As in previous months, when recording a vote it will help if voters quote the title of the story rather than just the name of the author. 

Voting can now commence and will continue until 11 p.m. on Wednesday the 7th of August 2019.
There are no restrictions as to who is allowed to vote, all that is asked is that the voter reads all the stories and votes according to their preference.
Writers are requested not to vote for any of their own entries, and all voters are asked not to comment at length about the stories or record any thoughts that they may have on them, until after voting closes.
There will be no detailed summaries posted as to how the voting is progressing throughout the voting period but as soon as possible after voting closes a tabulated list of results will be posted separately and the winner declared. Voters who may wish to describe in detail the reasons for their choices, or comment at length about some or all of the individual stories, will be given the opportunity to comment on a separate page that will be set up at the end of the voting period and after the result has been posted.
The winning writer will be invited to choose the topic for October 2019 (Note. Delayed by one month more than is usual).
This is to permit the intervening topic in September to be an open subject of the individual writer’s own choosing.

Here are the links to the 6 stories that have been accepted for consideration. If I have inadvertently missed any entries, or if anyone has difficulty with the links, please advise.

CONTRASTS. Written by ExpatAngie.


NEAR WIDE HEAVEN. Written by BillyFoster.


ILLUMINATION. Written by AmericanMum.


THE PIKE. Written by Capucin.


A DARKNESS IN THE LIGHT. Written by Giselle.


LET THERE BE LIGHT. Written by Atiller.


Enjoy the stories, and please remember to vote.

36 thoughts on “Voting for the winner of the July 2019 tcwg Competition. Full instructions here!

  1. Here is the result of the July 2019 tcwg competition.
    Despite (or perhaps because of) the small entry last month the final result was very close and the outright winner sneaked home by a single point.
    But a winner is a winner, so congratulations to ExpatAngie who took the top spot with 17 points.
    The runners up by the narrowest of margins were BillyFoster and Capucin with 16 and 15 points respectively.
    As next months topic (September) is an open subject, Angie will get to choose the topic for October which it is proposed will be for stories of between 250 and 1500 words.
    Thanks to everyone who took part in whatever capacity, and perhaps AmericanMum will kindly confirm the above result with her customary (and much appreciated) detailed tabulation of the votes cast.

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    1. Thank you very much this is amazing, congratulations to everyone on their stories which were all so enjoyable. Looking forward to reading August stories. I haven’t got wifi at the moment so I can’t use Facebook, cheers to everyone and happy holidays

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  2. The topic was an especially good one because it had two different directions in which to go and could be interpreted in many ways. Thanx, Giselle! So, even though there were fewer entries this month the stories, all top knotch, were a challenge in itself to choose for points. By the by, my story is not among the entries because I got so caught up in it, the thing became longer and longer, like a runaway hundred car freight train with no caboose period at its end. Oh well, next time.
    5 pts. – The Pike by Capuchin
    3 pts – Let There Be Light by Atiller
    1 pt – A Darkness In The Light by Giselle

    Honorable Mentions to AmericanMum, BillyFoster and ExpatAngie

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    1. I have mixed feelings with regards to your late vote,Sage.
      On the one hand it would have materially changed the final placings (Outage 1, Result 0), but on the other hand it highlights the importance of getting the votes in on time (Outage 1 Result 1).
      But the silver lining for me was that it also kept HWNMNBM’ed well and truly trailing in single figure last place, and that by my reckoning makes it Outage 10 Result 1. 🙂 🙂


  3. Great stories this month everyone. I enjoyed reading them all.

    5 points for THE PIKE. Written by Capucin.

    3 points for A DARKNESS IN THE LIGHT. Written by Giselle.

    1 point for CONTRASTS. Written by ExpatAngie.

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  4. It’s always amazing how each story is different.
    I have just read all the stories on my phone on the beach and they are all excellent. Some very creative writing indeed.
    It’s always hard to vote and I hate leaving anyone out, hms to everyone

    Near wide heaven billy foster

    A darkness in the light Hiselle

    Let there be light Atilier

    Will try and write reviews.
    Happy summer everyone and looking forward to reading August entries


  5. A difficult choice for a different reason this month, I felt that all the stories suffered because possibly this was one difficult topic too far, the final straw that gave the camel a slight touch of indigestion. And for that I look to blame no-one other than myself.
    However, a decision is called for and mine is as follows …

    5 Points … CONTRASTS. Written by ExpatAngie.
    3 Points … NEAR WIDE HEAVEN. Written by BillyFoster.
    1 Point … THE PIKE. Written by Capucin.

    Onwards and upwards.
    It could well be that an unintended consequence will see July being followed by an August full to the brim of all the literary delights of high summer. 🙂

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  6. it seems harder with less to pick from, But from the Wye here we go

    THE PIKE. Written by Capucin- 5 pts
    CONTRASTS. Written by ExpatAngie.- 3 pts
    LET THERE BE LIGHT. Written by Atiller. 1 pt

    and just brill from everyone

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    1. Thank you for the point Billy, I may well be on track to win a prize for the most single point scores in any one month. I might just consult Guinness … on the other hand I could
      simply settle for drinking it whilst it’s still chilled.. 🙂

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